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They say the environment is a ticking bomb. And it’s up to humans to defuse this bomb because; 1) we live here, 2)  you don’t want skin cancer, trust this nurse and, 3) quit it, there’s no enough oxygen in Mars. So it’s actually good to hear from companies we are with that they are exerting efforts to become green each day. And this means we are actually responsible citizens of the world because we consume products that are mindfully crafted. As end consumers, it is our responsibility to find out how the products that we buy are made.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. It doesn’t mean they’re my sponsor why I’m pushing this information to you. I’d advocate any company who will exert effort to become green in any way. Little things go a long way – may it be using canvas as reusable bags, shifting to paper, or simply reusing plastic. If you’d like to live a little longer in a world, in a fairly cooler world, let’s all be responsible.

Who Moves Your World?

Tatt Awards - Travel

Tatt Awards, the biggest and only award-giving body for social media greatness is back for another year and it’s bigger, better, and bolder. Philippines is one of the social media capitals of the world, and it’s but appropriate to give recognition to the nation’s online heroes and heroines.

It’s so easy to nominate! A whopping PhP 100,000 is at stake for winners! And yes, you can always nominate yourself – if you’re up for it!

Barbero: An Inspiring Story

A simple story how your Globe number can help you. Everyday, these little things, sometimes, get ignored. How connections get us through each day is astounding, and how much more this humbling barbero has used the power of connection to build a new life from a literally burned down one.

How has your connection helped you so far? Share to us, we’d love to know 🙂

How do you make a call?

A little infomercial from this blog’s sponsor, multi-awarded 2012 Best Telco of the year Globe Telecom, on how are calls mad, connected, and eventually ended. I find it really thoughtful of Globe to educate us on how they do their job. Click that play button and inform yourself more about the one thing you most probably can’t live without.

Remember what they always say, and apparently their Twitter account too — Always enjoy Globe!

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