Christmas Gift Ideas: Kape Maria Coffee Gift Pack

So y’all know that lately, I’ve been going back to coffee lately (here, here, and here) so I think it’s just logical to include this in my Christmas Ideas list… the devil’s dark drink. Coffee.


And of course, we’re all about being local! If this is your first time here in this blog, I have a passion for local stuff and also firmly believe that locavorism would play a very important role in our economy soon… so yeah, let’s go local, guys!

One of the local brands that I support is Kape Maria. They have gone pretty popular lately, especially with collaborations with different events, but let me give you a brief backgrounder —

Kape Maria is a social enterprise founded by Julia Sevilla that believes in cultivating our local coffee industry through fair trade practices. With every cup you drink, you’re not only supporting our local coffee farmers and roasters so that they receive fair wages – you’re uplifting our entire coffee industry.

And that’s social enterprise for you — harnessing the power of local products and giving back to the community! I love that Kape Maria sees to it that the farmers gain something from cultivating coffee – it’s just a sustainable model, and this actually can be replicated by different startup local social enterprises. With every cent you buy with these coffee, you not only get the best of the land, but also help promote the livelihood of thousands of farmers around the Philippines.


Now, for their holiday package! I appreciate good beans as a gift; I don’t know about you, but grinding your own and brewing a good cup every morning is such a wonderful thing to wake up to. So this is why this is a good idea for a gift this Christmas!

For every package you get these:

Amuyao is a strong blend of Excelsa coffee from Cavite and Robusta beans from Ifugao Province. Its rich, nutty, and distinctly macho flavor brews the perfect cup to start your day right. (Strength: 9/10)

Maynila is Kape Maria’s house blend of premium Robusta and Arabica beans sourced from farms all over Luzon. This signature blend boasts a fearless and charming flavor to give you that ideal afternoon boost. (Strength: 7/10)

Pulag is a blend that features Arabica beans from Benguet, Robusta beans from Ifugao Province, and Excelsa beans from Cavite. Its medium, balanced, and fragrant blend makes it the ideal after-dinner coffee. (Strength: 6/10)

You may get these from Human Heart Nature’s website (or store in Commonwealth, Quezon City)! Again, given the riot (yes, I call that a riot already. Everyday traffic is a riot, right?) the Yuletide is bringing about, online shopping is A MUST.

And oh, don’t forget to buy for yourself as well. You don’t want to miss on some major caffeine kick, don’t you?

P.S. Maybe I should be on the lookout for cool things to go with that coffee, yes? WATCH OUT FOR MORE FROM THIS SERIES!

Photo from Kape Maria’s Facebook timeline

Kape Maria
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Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

I’m having the knack of making extra long titles. What the heck. Anyway.


It’s always a pleasant feeling to collaborate on something awesome. And not just awesome. Something this awesome is not just awesome. It’s great.


This planner is a collaboration between the cultural creative collective Muni PH x milk tea wonder kid Moonleaf x 12 local artists (some of them I’ve worked with through Punchdrunk PandaDon’t you love how meta that cover is! It is love!


The goal is to produce a planner that encourages mindful living. We at Moonleaf Tea Shop want to embrace responsible and mindful living so we approached Muni to come up with something that will materialize this vision — hence the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner. For a couple of years, we’ve done the planner among ourselves only, and now it’s time to collaborate!


The latest addition to the Moonleaf planner family features 12 illustrations of 12 local artists – with postcards to complement the spreads and for everyone to share the love! There are also tips to constantly remind you to live mindfully, without sacrificing the joy of that which living gives us (I sound like the Dalai Lama already.)


This is my favorite artwork – it’s Simplify by OJ Desuasido – the same guy who designed the panda in PdP! It’s just so simple and self-explanatory! Here are other snippets of the other artworks —


Muni is holding a giveaway here so if you wanna score some swag – don’t think and click now! Also, if you wanna pre-order stuff, you may do so here and Muni will deliver it to you when stocks fill up!

It will be available also in all Moonleaf branches, so keep tuned in!

Learn more about:
Muni x Moonleaf

Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Power Angel 2

I think everyone of us will attest to it that whatever, and I mean whatever, device we own needs a supplementary battery. Our devices, specifically, our phones and tablets, are useless without battery anyway. And we use it all day – take me for example whose work revolves around Jyler, the iPhone (yes, I it’s a marriage of my and Tyler‘s name <3) 114416573 So a power bank is in order. And you don’t know how much I owe it to this power bank (and probably why you need one, too!) When I need to cover events, it is a nightmare when I need to say bye bye to Twitter when the phone runs out of battery. Plus, where’s the fun in eating without Instagram? Just kidding. But you see, the point here is, we can never afford to lose battery. Whether you’re out in the field hauling your ass for something and needs to email something for work, or working away from the office or home and God knows cafes have been stingy on electricity just recently, you can fear no more. I’m all for unplugging every now and then, but not when I need it.114416574 Not to mention the Power Angel 2 from Mili really looks sleek, it doesn’t need so much space to lug it around. With 2,200 mAh, I easily have spare energy for my phone whenever, wherever. (An Apple iPhone 5 consumes 1,800 mAh.) It also doubles as a stand, so it’s amazing when you’re watching films through your iPhone (guilty of and


It’s the perfect Christmas gift as well! I mean, as I said, everyone of us can attest we need it, so maybe your friend or sister or brother needs it badly as you do! There’s a lot of choices over at Mili’s online store! There’s something for everyone – Android or iOS devices, or even your laptop (OMG. I know.) Plus, their delivery is just prompt. Won’t even need to follow up!

Battery: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 2200mAh
Input: 5V / 1A (max)
Output: 5V / 1A (max)
Charging time: 5 hours (0.50A by Laptop), 3 hours (1A by AC adaptor) LED Indicator Lights: 4 LED lights, each one stands for 25% of power
Dimension: 73.5 x 57 x 15.2 mm

P.S. Thanks, Gen Tiu for my Power Angel 2. I really love it!
P.S.S. Watch out for more Christmas Gift Ideas from my blog!

Mili Philippines

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