Grab a Taxi and enjoy the Holiday Rush!

UPDATE: Their zero booking fee for Globe subscribers is extended until January 1, 2014! Fuuuun!


I have been ranting on Twitter that aside from the ever present Manila traffic we have, exacerbated by the massive and ubiquitous Christmas overreaction, is that finding a decent cab can be a hassle… most of the time.


So when Grab Taxi arrived in the Philippines, I was really skeptical at first. Like, really. Who can temper the horrible cab situation in this country? And why this remains unsolved is beyond me, but Grab Taxi performs well apparently. I tried it first when I was en route to the airport during the rush hour. It was a horror waiting in queue for a cab, much worse I was competing against time as my boarding time arrived by the minute.


And Grab Taxi was just to my rescue. It gives a bunch of information that would help your worries, and your loved ones’. Integrated with a share function, you can easily share via SMS, Twitter, and Facebook your route, driver’s name, and cab plate number.


It also computes your estimated wallet damage, and time when your driver will arrive (though honestly, they have to improve on computing time, considering Manila traffic.)


So basically, this is how it works — you pinpoint your location (powered by Foursquare) and your destination. After which, the app scans the area for nearby drivers. Drivers bid, you smoke a cig or two, and your driver arrives. They’re easy to locate, just look for the Grab Taxi sticky and the phone near the dash.


A driver with a bad attitude is the least of your concern as you have the option to give a feedback about your ride. And so far, using this for the couple of weeks, I have never met nicer drivers than Grab Taxi drivers. If you’re a Globe subscriber, you enjoy perks such as a booking fee discount of PhP 20 (from PhP70)!

You may be taking the cab everyday, and find it a hassle even as compared to taking the train. So let Grab Taxi help you.

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Day 2 – An Apple Fanboy’s Nightmare


If you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know that I switched phones because of a grave incident. Finn, my iPhone, has decided, or not ’cause I’ll be heartbroken if he actually decided on dying on me, to die on me. Refer to the image above. Look at it and find in yourself some compassion to be heart broken like me.


I googled for a lot of websites to find some concrete explanation to this phenomena but to no avail. I rushed to the nearest Globe Business Center to claim warranty.

And I need to get a spare phone. If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I don’t have many phones. I can’t even have two phones at the same time. It’s an issue of attention span. I’m putting my money on something potentially life changing (haha, I’m exaggerating, but I really think it is) so I got this Huawei Ascend G510 at Plan Load Tipid (LTP) 300 from Globe. It was easy to acquire an extension line and it needed only a few hours to get my new phone. But…

Courtesy of

Aside from missing the iOS7 launch bigtime, I’m not OS-ambidextrous. I’ve been using this phone for two days already, and I’m stumped at it. It took me less than a half-day to learn iOS but this is taking forever (in techie years). A nightmare indeed, if you ask me. I think I’m slashed by half in terms of productivity and quality of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a non-Apple snub and definitely not exaggerating, BUT if you count the amount of time I save when using iOS and how I’ve integrated its functionality to my work and personal life, you’ll understand. I’m on the brink of crying, and it’s 28 days more before I get my hands on my iPhone.

If you see me wandering the streets of Manila, scratching my head, I’m not lost. I just can’t use Android properly.

What’s the dumbest way to die?

I cannot commend Melbourne Metro more than enough for such a beautifully and effectively designed campaign that started out with a video (watch above.) I like the use of cute characters, the irresistible laugh, and the overall idea behind the project. Seriously, our local train company should follow suit. Who dies out of train accidents anyway? It’s a cutesy way of addressing of an often neglected possibility but equally important matter.

Then there’s the cute app that makes you so task in a gradually increasing difficulty. I can say no more about this campaign, and indeed one can see from here that ideas can be translated into creative way while effectively communicating a message. I didn’t major in a creative bachelors but I really appreciate these kind of campaigns. I wish the Philippines will tap into creatives too to make these kind of campaigns in the government.

Dumb Ways to Die
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Bababababa-nana. Potatoooooooo~


In anticipation of the much-awaited Despicable Me sequel, Gameloft released a game in the Subway Surfers fashion. The game revolves around the cutesy Minions which are pitted against each other for the title Minion of the Year.

You play as a Minion, collecting bananas (hehehe oh the pun in this game) and trying to reach the farthest distance you can. Also you get to compete against your Facebook friends!

What I exceptionally love about this game is that it’s not your usual endless running game. You get to compete with villains like Vector and Meena.

I’d like to post more about this but let me enjoy running at Gru’s lab… and I leave you with the Minion song (hihi sooooo cute!!!!)

Minion Rush
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iOS 7: Make or Break

Apple is releasing iOS 7 on Fall and it got a majorly positive response in the internet. I get a feeling that they’re trying to keep up with competitors – let’s not name them – Samsung. Yeah, it’s a drastic change. If you watch the video, almost everything will change.

For an iPhone user, that could mean new experience or alienation to a device that you’ve been accustomed.

Design-wise, technically, I like it – it’s clean, modern, well thought of.

What I didn’t like maybe is how it looks like Samsung in one thing or another.

Is it just me or it really does look like it? I wanna hear your thoughts.

AR Realness: Print is not dead


Did you ever have the feeling that the newspaper is boring? Yeah it can be, especially if all you ever have to see is negativity and shit. But paired with technology, maybe you’d consider going back to print. After all, print will never die.

Introducing the Philstar App featuring their augmented reality (AR) feature: Live It! Take your daily morning news reading habit to a whole new level with your mobile phone – just download the app and use the Live It feature to see additional content.


Just find this icon on the photos –


– and see content streamed live to your mobile phone! The trigger is the photo, so make sure that you fit the frame to it. Ensure that you also have internet to use the AR feature of the app.

Here are some snapshots when I tried using the app for the first time –






The possibilities are endless with AR! Can’t wait to see this adapted by different print companies. Kudos to Philstar for the initiative to do it first!

The Philippine Star
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