Tom Daley, oh Tom Daley

So the first news that I heard, rather seen on Facebook, is something close to my heart. A move this big from a sports celebrity is something commendable – bold, brave, and well yeah – controversial. I was really shocked, and I wanna hug him (not because he’s hot) and make him feel he is loved in every corner of the world because of what he just did. (Okay maybe yes also because he’s hot! I am weak!) But he really deserves a hug — look at that awkwardness and vulnerability that he is under while coming out. This is an evidence that around the world a lot of people are experiencing this kind of discomfort and not all of them are brave.

What matters is you’re happy. If you’re straight now, and you feel like you like a guy – feel free. If you’re gay then maybe you feel like going back to being straight – feel free. I agree with my homie (oh Josh Hutcherson, oh you) when he said in an interview with Out Magazine that if you considered yourself 100% anything, that’d be narrow-minded. And stupid imho.

Photo from Out Magazine

And to that, I also give Joshie a virtual hug. You’re the best, man. From advocating gay rights, and now to being actually open to it.

Photo from Queerty

And maybe this picture will be in your Christmas Gift Ideas… well for yourself, haha!

Let The Games Begin

Heads up everyone! The Catching Fire official trailer has been released already, and it’s for us to watch over and over again. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a peek on Finnick Odair in this trailer… and Plutarch Heavensbee! Well, maybe on the next trailers. I bet they’re gonna release more since the movie is not showing until November (time please fly so ultra fast!)

And while I know, we, yes including me, can’t wait for the next installment of the most raved award-winning film of the year, Hunger Games will be showing FINALLY on Star Movies this Sunday, April 28! And yes, I am staying in for this. I’ve watched it around four times in the theaters and I don’t fucking care if I watch it again.

And don’t you think it’s so meta that Hunger Games, a story revolving on a fatal reality-based TV show, is showing on TV?!

Say no more, block the date, and let the games begin!!! Read more

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