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I’ve been working with the Startuptravels team in Copenhagen for a month now, and I am very happy with our collaboration. My partner-in-crime and I were ambassadors of the month for May! Jeez, that was soooo warm to hear from them <3

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.46.02 AM

The team has been amazing at hearing out our ideas as well… One of these is the event we’re hosting at O2 Space called BYOB —


BYOB: Bring Your Own Brand, a Startuptravels Manila Meetup will be held at O2 Space in Makati City on June 26/Friday, 6-8pm. We aim to bring together a group of entrepreneurs in Manila to meet, learn, and possibly collaborate with each other. With support from fellow startups, we hope that through these meetups we will be able to forge valuable connections with each other and foster an environment conducive for connecting others as well.

This event is generously brought to you by coworking space O2 Space, Design Studio DSS Creativo, local organic beverage brand Bayani Brew, local snacks Nipa Foods.

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Startuptravels is an online platform where you can connect with traveling and resident startup entrepreneurs around the world. You may know more about them at


As of Tuesday morning, the tickets were all sold out! I was assaulted by waitlisting emails on a summer afternoon. It was indeed overwhelming, but we will make ways to meet you guys (if you still wanna meet us) after the event, that is!

If you’re up for drinks on the 26th, Friday night just around Makati, then register here, or sign up on Startuptravels so we can reach out to you!


#Lokal Tweetup at Commune

Before February ended, a newfound friend (NFF) and I decided to gather some more friends to talk about local stuff. My NFF Uli is from San Francisco and is experiencing Manila for the first time. So what better to do but gather some friends and welcome him to the crazy city of Manila!

#LOKAL PosterIMG_6251IMG_6254IMG_6258IMG_6291IMG_6292IMG_6293IMG_6294IMG_6296Yay for cupcakes by Sweet Patti Cakes!

IMG_6300From L-R: Zel (HVMO), Jason (UP Diliman), Wanna (Muni), Tina (Globe), Saul (BPI), Jed (Scout Magazine), Paolo (Team Manila), Uli (San Fo), Cai (Freelance and overall awesome person), Stephen (Nipa Foods), Danella (HomegrownFull Suite), Ros (CommuneTweetup MNL), Michelle (Nipa Foods), and Kevin (Signet, Bespoke Man). (We’re missing Nica here, though she helped me organize this.)

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you all online 🙂


Local takes spotlight at Zalora Marketplace

The indie scene is indeed flourishing in the country. Every where you look, people start opening their own businesses apart from the constraints of a well-established corporation. Filipinos take risks more nowadays – every nook has a new eatery, a new boutique, or even a new website where they sell their stuff. Evolved, as it may seem, it still needs support to fuel growth. They need to make a buck after all. And that’s where the Zalora Marketplace enters.


As the mother brand Zalora has made waves in other countries and now has gained traction in our local shopping scene – with big brands even joining the bandwagon, the Marketplace is indeed a welcome portal where our indie designers can sell their products while enjoying the hassle-free COD model introduced by the shopping website. Though I’m more like to spend using my card, it will always boil down to the simplest mode of payment to reach even the pickiest shoppers online. You know you can’t complain when you give your cash and get your stuff immediately – no more waiting for deliveries! Now, indie local designers have access to this. And not to mention the network Zalora already has.


I’ll never go without recommending a brand, too. Nica and I will absolutely agree that waxed-canvas baggage brand Gouache is one of the best young local brands out there! I am really planning to buy a new knapsack and wouldn’t it be cool to travel and show off a local brand?

Uh yes!

There are also a lot of other local brands in the marketplace. Wear local!

20140704-220459-79499096.jpg Outtake from the launch at 12 Monkeys

Christmas Gift Ideas: Punchdrunk Panda Headphones


Audiophiles need good sound, and it wouldn’t hurt if their paraphernalia of awesome tunes is adorned by good design. Local design, that is! Introducing the newest member of PdP‘s line of tech gear – PdP Headphones! Still in the spirit of local design, this is in collaboration with three talented local artists – Rob Cham (Earthly Pursuits – red and yellow), Dan Fajardo (Colorful City – red, green, and yellow), and JP Cuison (aptly named Musika – black and white).

Don’t miss a lot of discounted prices for laptop sleeves, iPhone and iPad cases, and the all-time bestseller camera straps! Perfect gift for that quirky hipster (sic) friend of yours! I’d get myself one. It’s easy as well as there are choices in payment like bank deposit, Paypal, and our trusty Gcash (which you can easily use as a virtual prepaid credit card as well!)

Get your quirky local design fix at Punchdrunk Panda!

Punchdrunk Panda
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Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

I’m having the knack of making extra long titles. What the heck. Anyway.


It’s always a pleasant feeling to collaborate on something awesome. And not just awesome. Something this awesome is not just awesome. It’s great.


This planner is a collaboration between the cultural creative collective Muni PH x milk tea wonder kid Moonleaf x 12 local artists (some of them I’ve worked with through Punchdrunk PandaDon’t you love how meta that cover is! It is love!


The goal is to produce a planner that encourages mindful living. We at Moonleaf Tea Shop want to embrace responsible and mindful living so we approached Muni to come up with something that will materialize this vision — hence the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner. For a couple of years, we’ve done the planner among ourselves only, and now it’s time to collaborate!


The latest addition to the Moonleaf planner family features 12 illustrations of 12 local artists – with postcards to complement the spreads and for everyone to share the love! There are also tips to constantly remind you to live mindfully, without sacrificing the joy of that which living gives us (I sound like the Dalai Lama already.)


This is my favorite artwork – it’s Simplify by OJ Desuasido – the same guy who designed the panda in PdP! It’s just so simple and self-explanatory! Here are other snippets of the other artworks —


Muni is holding a giveaway here so if you wanna score some swag – don’t think and click now! Also, if you wanna pre-order stuff, you may do so here and Muni will deliver it to you when stocks fill up!

It will be available also in all Moonleaf branches, so keep tuned in!

Learn more about:
Muni x Moonleaf

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