Selfies In The Angkor

Nope, my Cambodia series is not yet over. But I’ll take a break from temples. Because at the end of the day, the amount of selfies taken in a day matters. No kidding.

20140415-144815.jpg Gone drinking at the famous and never-miss Angkor What?!

20140415-144956.jpg I may be a scaredy cat but a selfie while trembling atop the Angkor Wat is a must.

20140415-144831.jpg Ella couldn’t resist as well!


20140415-144939.jpg Mommy, save meeeeeeeeee! Those are stairs but half steps are still half steps!

20140415-144840.jpg The Bayon temple is a great spot for meditating… and getting your vanity fixes.

20140415-144947.jpg And more in the shadows please 😛

20140415-144932.jpg The silhouette of the Khmer stupa is sucha nice backdrop for a morning sefie, post-hangover.

20140415-144851.jpg Take others’ selfie when they took yours. (But isn’t that a non-selfie already?)

20140415-144908.jpg Two things (no not because you’re seeing double of me) — This is a panorama experiment gone fail, and that caucasian hunk at the right side


20140415-144919.jpg And we’re off to Pub Street for some drinks and boys!!! 

Up next: Pub Street! Read the other entries on my Cambodia series here!

PH Social Media Review

Last weekend, we celebrated globally the success of social media in international and local perspectives. Here in the Philippines, social media is a much-celebrated industry and it is suffice to say that Manila is indeed a social media capital. Everybody seems engaged into it.

Whether it’s ranting senselessly, documenting everything about life, using it for reportage, making money out of it, or contributing to the welfare of your own people – social media has infiltrated almost all sectors and catered to our needs online and offline.

We’ve used social media in a lot of things – personal, business, and even in social good. That’s a fact already. So here’s a review of the finest moments in the Philippine social media landscape:

#SocialMediaWeekend #fwdPH organizers: @TweetupMNL

It feels so good that I live in an era where this kind of technology is being used for greater good, not to mention – fun in so many ways! And as a social media capital, I am so glad that @TweetupMNL has pulled off a very successful Social Media Weekend. And I am very proud of each and every Filipino who is using this power to help themselves and other people.


Mabuhay ang social media!

P.S. Follow @TweetupMNL for updates on the Philippine social media landscape and fun events as well!

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