Startuptravels Manila Hub presents Bring Your Own Brand

I’ve been working with the Startuptravels team in Copenhagen for a month now, and I am very happy with our collaboration. My partner-in-crime and I were ambassadors of the month for May! Jeez, that was soooo warm to hear from them <3

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The team has been amazing at hearing out our ideas as well… One of these is the event we’re hosting at O2 Space called BYOB —


BYOB: Bring Your Own Brand, a Startuptravels Manila Meetup will be held at O2 Space in Makati City on June 26/Friday, 6-8pm. We aim to bring together a group of entrepreneurs in Manila to meet, learn, and possibly collaborate with each other. With support from fellow startups, we hope that through these meetups we will be able to forge valuable connections with each other and foster an environment conducive for connecting others as well.

This event is generously brought to you by coworking space O2 Space, Design Studio DSS Creativo, local organic beverage brand Bayani Brew, local snacks Nipa Foods.

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Startuptravels is an online platform where you can connect with traveling and resident startup entrepreneurs around the world. You may know more about them at


As of Tuesday morning, the tickets were all sold out! I was assaulted by waitlisting emails on a summer afternoon. It was indeed overwhelming, but we will make ways to meet you guys (if you still wanna meet us) after the event, that is!

If you’re up for drinks on the 26th, Friday night just around Makati, then register here, or sign up on Startuptravels so we can reach out to you!


Inspirations on the Web, pt. 1

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to create something – even if it’s something you’ve been doing for the longest time; you just need some inspirations. The world wide web is literally a web of inspirations (if you know where to look, because it’s also full of negativity) that most of us harness in times of dire need aka deadline is looming in. We least like (hate?) to receive that dreaded follow up email that says it’s urgent. It’s the last thing we wanna see in our inbox (can I hear an amen?)

That’s why I decided to list down of some of my inspirations lately. Hope this helps you get your creative juices flowing! I know I need some these daze.

Death to the Stock Photo

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.19.51 AMI used to hate stock photos – because they are just plainly uninspiring and never well-thought of. Heck, even the photos on the local paper would be better. But when I found Death to Stock – where David Sherry and Allie Lehman reinvent the dreaded industry and provide top-of-the-class stock photos straight from photographers the website funded – I know it’s something I wanna stay tuned for. DTS sends 10 hi-res photos for free subscribers and access to the  whole archive for premium subscribers. It’s royalty free for as long as you don’t sell it (duh). I particularly enjoyed when they sent out the London collection (by Richard Harris)

Serif Creative

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.22.26 AM

I found Serif Creative when they did a collab with DTS^. They are a creative agency doing branding and photography, among other things. What I particularly loved about them is how they get down to tell a story through videos and photos. Their workplace looks pretty rad, too!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.25.14 AM

I’ve been following Moo for quite some time now – and I have always loved their Moosletter (yepp, they went there) – which leads to a great resource of more inspirations online (one of them being DTS). Also, their commitment to high quality stationery is amazing with a vibrant workplace to be envious about!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.20.49 AMStartuptravels is a Copenhagen-based company which fosters a community of over 1000 cities (and counting!) The website aims to connect startup entrepreneurs with a worldwide network to travel and meet in different cities. I am also glad to be one of two ambassadors here in Manila! We have plenty of activities down the pipeline, so I hope you’ll stay tuned in this space.

Add me up over at Startuptravels here!

The Love Game

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.23.50 AM


This one has been circulating quite a bit what with the printed card game set on Indiegogo I’m down to buy! And compared to the ones listed above, this one is for *ehem* my lovelife (I can totally understand if you just raised an eyebrow right now.) Check ’em out seriously, can be quite fun with a potential lover, imho hihihi.

I have a couple more inspirations to share, but for now, this will be it! Hope you keep pasted for the next one!

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