Typhoon Ruby Updates

It is beyond scary to know that Typhoon Ruby will be as strong as last year’s Typhoon Yolanda as forecasts say. Yolanda (or internationally known as, Haiyan) has devastated most of Central Visayas which citizens are now still recuperating from.


Different organizations are now jumping off the bat for preventive measures. It’s good to see all these corporations exert an effort into¬†helping prevent any ill-fated circumstances. Google Philippines published a crisis map wherein evacuation centers, among other stuff, are mapped out, along with a Public Alerts page. NOAH also posted these storm surge advisories for provinces in Visayas.

Tweetup Manila, the guys responsible for #RescuePH and #ReliefPH, released these advisories as well to keep people reminded.

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Globe Telecom advises its customers in Eastern Visayas to take necessary measures in preparation for Typhoon Hagupit, which entered the Philippine area of responsibility today. The typhoon is expected to hit some of the areas devastated by Typhoon Yolanda about a year ago… Read more

A year after Haiyan…

Typhoon Yolanda, known as Haiyan internationally, the strongest typhoon to hit the planet, had made land fall in the Philippines a year ago on this month. It has destroyed millions worth of properties and has taken a lot of lives. Those who survived has barely managed… if it weren’t for people, here in the Philippines and elsewhere in world, jumped in to help them. It helps restore faith in humanity as the whole world lent a helping hand to the survivors, something as a Filipino I am grateful for.

Read more

Bangon Pinoy

I know everyone’s doing their part in the whole nation-rebuilding process happening in Yolanda-stricken areas. Now let me share what Globe has done, and how it is amazing that communication does a lot of things to help these survivors. From providing communication to reach loved ones to letting its subscribers participate in helping, Globe is a brand to be emulated.

Makakabangon din tayo!

Lately: #TheBetterCloset, Muni x Moonleaf collab, Chicken Charlie x Tegan and Sara and more updates!

Work has consumed my time, and I’m really humbled to be working with some of the youngest blood, but the most innovative ones! Collaboration is the heart of this business, indeed!

Last Saturday, we launched the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner at Moonleaf Maginhawa, and also ran a relief drive x ukay via #TheBetterCloset! People came to view the latest addition to our planner series PLUS shopped pre-loved stuff and donated to Yolanda/Haiyan victims. We accumulated more than PhP 50,000 that goes to those victims. It’s little as compared to what others gave, but it’s every bit of everyone who participated with us <3 // Also we have been working on the planner, we all hope that everyone will appreciate it! It’s Muni x Moonleaf x 12 local artists!

Over at Chicken Charlie, we are collaborating with the organisers of Tegan and Sara concert here in the Philippines. That’s on Monday! And we’re happy that they’re running their own relief drive on the day of their concerts. This awful incident of nature, didn’t break us as a nation wholly (thank God!) but instead brought us global sisters and brothers together.

I’m also working with a client that is opening her own local boutique cafe and it’s dedicated to our local artists! It will be in Makati (I’ll keep shush about its location for now) and you better look out for it! I’m sooooo excited with this!

And I’m entering a very wildcard phase of my life, with freelancing and all that. And would you believe that I’m also an English and Literature tutor at this local student center? I will really miss my students once I need to move on to a full time job again. That sketch is from one sweet student of mine. Okay, that’s a digression but I feel that I should write that down.

So I guess, I’m going on with my wildcard something for now. I’ll see you all back here again, okay?

ALSO: I’m very excited because next week, I’ll be on a plane to Bangkok already! C’mon, it’s time for some temple run (and shopping and food and afam (oops) and yeah many more)

*definitely feeling excited!*

iPhone 5c and 5s now available at Globe, skips grand launch

Photo from macrumors.com

In the tech world, we celebrate the arrival of the latest Apple iPhone innovation. I’d be a hypocrite (but just prioritising my money aka just poor) if I don’t say that I want it. It’s 5x faster than Jyler, my new iPhone 5. It has clearer camera – and oh that beautiful beautiful gold casing. I’m in love with it. It also comes in a regular Super Plan or iPhone Forever Plan! Click and get to know more about these amazing plans from the best in postpaid! More iPhone 5s info here.

But on the other hand, at the Southern part of the Philippines, Yolanda devastated and ruined lives, families, and jobs. In a regular relief work here in the Philippines, it would only take a number of days or a couple of weeks only. But this one, being the largest typhoon to hit landfall in the WORLD, the Philippines is up for something we are not prepared for.

So I am so proud when I heard that Globe redirected their funds to help our fellow Filipinos who were unfortunate to experience Yolanda’s wrath. It’s comforting to know that these guys are so compassionate and did not think twice to help others instead of to help themselves.

Mabuhay ka, Globe! Also a shoutout to the international community for helping us! Truly, we are global citizens, brothers and sisters in one Earth. Read more

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