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So this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a long time now just because I am in deep conflict which of my favorite Youtubers I'm gonna feature here. 

So instead, yeah I won't even explain the title because it is 

self-e x p l a n a t o r y. 

Teehee, enjoy! 

Everyone knows I love these Youtube vloggers and I’m basically just a gay guy in front of my laptop and weirdly laughing while clearly everyone doesn’t even know why. So for those who can’t understand why I am so h o o k e d to these g a i s read up and maybe watch even?

WARNING: You can instantly get hooked. I was anyway when I started watching. What I like to do though, since most of them have been vlogging for a while and are pretty famous already, s digging up their old videos and watching them when they actually started…

But this post is about some of the best boys. Hihi, I am actually excited to write all about it.

Jim Chapmanawwww quirky guy 

I really love Jim Chapman inside out — with all that British accent, tall and lanky built, and that quirky way he does his videos. I swear I can just squirm even if he’s just baking chocolate (see below haha). He’s now engaged to fellow Youtuber Tanya Burr and they’re just the sweetest ever — lucky girl!

Jim Chapman calls his audience best friends (awwwww) and he can sing really well. With that pretty face, yeah I pretty much know why she’d say yes. LOLJK they do look good together!

Connor Franta twink fantasy

I am so sorry for that description. Connor baby, if you’re reading this (HAHAHAHA okay I’ll stop). Seriously, Connor is like the baby brother I never had though I really have a younger brother. He’s so playful and cute (Oh Connor, you!) What I really like about Connor is how he does his funny little skits and how he loves coffee so much like I do. But yeah, he’s my twink fantasy hihi!

Oh he used to be a member of this all-boys group called O2L! But still, if you need your ovaries to explode go watch them.

Troye SivanI’d-like-to-be-my-OTP

Troye, oh Troye! First things first (I’m the realest?) watch his music video with EMI Australia here. And tell me ain’t he the cutest ever?! Troye is kinda dark and quirky in his own right. Idk about the dark, if you ask me. I just sense this darkness from him, innocent darkness that is. But it is all good! I really really really love his new album and it’s kinda awesome he also came out on Youtube last year. Hugs, bb!

Tyler Oakleymy queen

Now if there is someone who dragged me to this whole Youtuber madness, it is my one and only true queen — Tyler Oakley. I love him lots! He’s so gay he can’t hide it and he’s one fierce momma. I think I’ve watched almost every video he has on Youtube (sorry for stalking) and he’s one amazing human being on the face of earth! In my perfect world, I’m king and he’s my queen and all things fierce are upon us.

Lucas CruikshankNKOTB

Lucas used to be in this Nickelodeon show (I’m too lazy to google, so go google haha) and he’s kind of new in this game and damn he looks fine! High pitched and highly energetic — this new kid on the block is sashaying his way in the Youtube-verse (if there is such a word). He does his Youtube show with his best friend Jenny and yeah that girl is equally fab. What I love the most about him? HE JUST LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD OKAY.

So I think I went a bit overly gay on this post hahahaha whatever.

Love Youtubers so much! Reprezent!

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