Hello there!

Wow, it feels surreal to make a first post on a new blog. It’s like opening the first page of a book, or rather taking the first bite of an 11-course or maybe 15-course meal. Okay, that made me hungry.

Anyway, I’m just glad I finally got to launch this new platform I’ve been tweaking. I won’t be discussing about this blog, as you may read it from my About pages. Read them please please please.

Hahaha, okay I’m losing focus here.

So here goes. Welcome to my new blog! I hope you come back for more of my little mis/adventures in and out of the crazy city we will call Manila. I am based here, but gawd, all I think of is going away and discovering the world. Hopefully, I get to share to you all of these in the coming days, months, and I really hope – years! *insert cross fingers here*

So I hope you keep tuned in! I’ve prepared quite a number of series to keep you peeled, page after page. Who knows what I will be blogging about next, eh?

After all, it’s anything actually 🙂

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He drinks coffee day in, day out. Iced Americano is his poison of choice, anytime anywhere.

He works in digital advertising but this blog is not about his job. Jonver overshares about his travels, boy dreams, and existentiality on his little space in the world wide web. He finds drunk tweeting amusing - all the more because he's funnier that way.

He likes to believe that his name is so unique he feels confident to ask you to search his name instead of giving his social media handles.


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