A year after Haiyan…

Typhoon Yolanda, known as Haiyan internationally, the strongest typhoon to hit the planet, had made land fall in the Philippines a year ago on this month. It has destroyed millions worth of properties and has taken a lot of lives. Those who survived has barely managed… if it weren’t for people, here in the Philippines and elsewhere in world, jumped in to help them. It helps restore faith in humanity as the whole world lent a helping hand to the survivors, something as a Filipino I am grateful for.

A journey to Wonderful
Globe reestablishes homes, schools, livelihood in Typhoon Haiyan devastated areas

When Supertyphoon Haiyan unleashed its fury a year ago, it left a trail of unimaginable devastation to lives and properties.  Yet, despite the bleak scenario, hope continued to exist as public and private sectors as well as the international community joined hands to bring the country back on its feet.  Globe Telecom was among the first companies to respond to the call for help.

“Globe recognizes how every little effort counts in rebuilding the nation, thus, it went out of its way to rally the employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to raise funds for the construction of homes and school buildings and for the creation of livelihood opportunities in areas hardly hit by the disaster.  Project Wonderful was born out of this desire to aid in nation building.  Ten months since it was launched, we now see the fruits of our efforts but we are not stopping until we fulfill all our commitments,” said Yoly Crisanto, Senior Vice President, Globe Corporate Communications.

At present, Globe together with Gawad Kalinga, has completed a total of 162 homes in Brgy. Tambulilid, Ormoc, Leyte and Brgy. Fatima, New Washington, Aklan, as well as in Brgy. Tugas, Madridejos, Bantayan Island, Cebu via sponsorship of SingTel.  An additional 28 houses are scheduled for construction in Libacao, Aklan early January for a total of 190 units.   Globe is also set to give out 600 shelter kits to Libacao before yearend aside from the 940 shelter kits distributed in Madalag, Aklan earlier.

But even with all these efforts, Globe still took things a step further by becoming a Development Sponsor for Aklan under the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery (OPARR) where it spearheads initiatives in housing, education, livelihood, and health to help seven of the hardest hit municipalities specifically Libacao, Madalag, Banga, Batan, Altavas, Balete, and New Washington.

Globe not only provides houses for Aklan but is also working on building schools for its seven areas of concentration.  Five of the 11 schools Globe committed under Phase I of the program are already undergoing construction.

Globe with the help of Habitat for Humanity and Ayala Foundation is building in two phases. The first phase involves the construction of “Noah’s Ark”-type classrooms that double as evacuation structures during calamities as they are equipped with three toilet and bath facilities each as well as a kitchen.

The second phase is comprised of more than 30 regular but “built back better” classrooms to be funded from proceeds of the company’s enterprise-wide waste management program, as well as from parent-company Ayala Corporation.

Earlier, Globe launched Project 1 Phone to educate Filipinos about the importance of proper disposal of electronic waste or e-waste and to contribute to the special cause of classroom building.

Everyone can support the efforts in Aklan by donating their old, non-working mobile phones for recycling at participating Globe Stores (please see complete list at www.globe.com.ph/project1phone).  Proceeds of the program will be used as additional funding for the schools.  Cash donations of 5, 20, 50, 100, 500 denominations may also be sent directly to Habitat for Humanity by texting DONATE HABITAT <amount> and send to 4438.

Aside from homes and schools, Globe also provides livelihood opportunities through Custom Made Crafts Center, a non-government organization involved in dye and abaca production and the Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme. Globe also distributed AutoloadMax retailer kits to 100 beneficiaries of the DSWD’s Pantawid Pampamilyang Pilipino Program in Malay.

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