Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

This contest has lapsed but I just want to highlight how this platform is a great avenue for young people like you and me who wants to change something. Besides, you can still be a member of this amazing organization and who knows they might open another grant competition and you might actually win.

It’ll help for you to check this out and see if you can connect with like-minded people in the community and discuss a potential project you can work on. It’s a great community for changemakers, and what better for changemakers to be at but with fellow people who wants to do something.

Full disclosure: I was a nursing graduate and we were limited to the activities and opportunities in the university given the amount of work our course requires. I am actually sad that I didn't spend my college years to undergo these experiences so if I can just get another shot at this, I'll be grateful. I hope you young people appreciate these kind of opportunities that are available to you. I think they will help shape you to become better citizens, not only of your nation, but of the world.

Globe supports US Embassy event introducing President Obama’s youth initiatives to young Filipinos

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom through its developer arm Globe Labs worked with the US Embassy to introduce President Barack Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) to a large group of Filipino youth.

Earlier, the U.S. Embassy hosted a networking night at A Space in Makati, bringing together young Filipino students, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals who are changemakers active in their communities, to encourage them to join YSEALI and spread the word.

“Globe Labs is always honored to be part of various initiatives that harness the skills, energy, and creativity of youth. We believe that from these young changemakers, we can expect ideas that would make the world a better place to live in,” said Anne Michelle Santos, Developer Community Manager of Globe Labs. Globe Labs actively pursues partnerships with local and international organizations to encourage innovation.

Charge d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Brian L. Goldbeck said, “the United States is proud to support the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, because we believe that young people are instrumental in plotting the course of Southeast Asia’s future. About 65% of people in the ASEAN region are under the age of 35. Youth are innovative, creative, and eager to contribute their ideas and energy to improve not only their own lives, but the lives of others in their communities.”

YSEALI is a signature program by the White House to strengthen leadership development and networking in ASEAN, deepen engagement with young leaders on key regional and global challenges, and strengthen people-to-people ties between the United States and young Southeast Asian leaders. President Obama announced the launch of YSEALI via video message to 150 youth from across ASEAN gathered in Manila last December 2013 for the LEAD ASEAN Youth Summit.

What is YSEALI?

Launched in 2013 by U.S. President Barack Obama, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) consists of bright young leaders aged 18-35 years from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These young leaders have innovative ideas for tackling what they have identified as their generation’s greatest challenges in the ASEAN region: economic development, environmental protection, education, and civic engagement. Every day, they are coming up with creative solutions — like using beneficial microbes to clean rivers or creating job opportunities by selling products made from water lilies. The United States is partnering with these extraordinary young men and women by providing training and funding to up-and-coming community leaders and social entrepreneurs.

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