It never hurts to have rebates whenever you go buy something. Loyalty cards are a hit because you can really save up when you start racking up points and start feeling the perks of your purchase. So when ZAP came into mind, I thought of them like Timezone. You buy credits, use them, and earn tickets. Same logic!


Team Zap invited me and a couple more people to join the Zap Crawl in Greenhills. Now I don’t go that much here, and it was a pretty quiet Saturday for me, so I decided to go and have fun! I haven’t been aware that they had this same gig over at Fort. So here goes.


After the trip to The Wine Depot, we headed over to Department of Coffee. It’s this little third wave coffee shop in Wilson street. I’ve been meaning to go there and try it out and finally I was able to go there! Not too shabby, I think. I just hope they offer more than espresso. But nonetheless, that cup of espresso is exquisite.



20140429-014115.jpg Department of Coffee’s menu


Dinner time came, and we were treated to Asian Fusion Cuisine at Torch. While I am not a fan of fusion, what I am of is a really good slab of meat. I’ll cut to the chase, the steak here is the bomb, and I cannot wait to go back and have more of that succulent steak!

20140429-014144.jpg Again, I am not a fan of fusion but burger and mac and cheese just sounded like my childhood on steroids. SO YES TO THIS DISH!




Team ZapWe ended up watching the latest 300 movie at the Promenade Cinema.

Yeah, more meat! 

Find out more about Zap Partners and register here TODAY!

Photos taken from my iPhone 5

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